Hi Donny and all,

My final goal is my elements can be complatible with playbin maximumly, as
many players are using playbin or playbin2. I didn't want to modify the
application more.

For normal scenario, all decoders and sinks should do as their behaviors,
that is ideal, but fact is not like I imagine.  If I can not pull the
decoded data back to RAM, that means all downstream elements should not
receive any data from it.

But to be compatible with playbin, I need to make playbin working like (it
is also playbin normal pipeline)

filesrc -> demuxer -> decoder -> queue ->audioconvert -> audioresample ->
volume ->alsasink
My plan is I don't change the playbin code, and make my elements working as
the pipeline above. but data flows as
filesrc -> demuxer -> decoder -> queue ->audioconvert -> audioresample ->
volume-> fakesink

no any data go through the elements after decoder. but that means decoder
should also possess some functions of audiosink, such as clock provider.
fakesink is just for pipeline integrality.

so how about my proposal? are there any other solutions?

Zhao Liang
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