Wow, here's a shocker, to my own stupid self at least -- it appears that gtk3 is tied into the native MacOS font system!

Thanks for the tip on fontconfig/fc-cache, Allin. Once I looked into this it became apparent that fontconfig had known all along about all kinds of fonts, but none of the ones listed by fc-list which I had already tried were usable from my settings.ini file. Eventually, however, I tried 'Courier' which worked to my great surprise. I then tried to figure out what was special about Courier, and having noticed that the system process list showed

1330 9108 1 0 9:12AM ?? 0:06.92 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/ATS.framework/Support/fontd

I opened up my MacOS Terminal preferences on a lark to see what fonts MacOS was making available. Courier, check. Copperplate, Monaco, check. And they all work in my settings.ini. Youse all have to try this just to see a gtk3 dialog panel overflowing with Copperplate. Or not.

It does seem a bit contradictory to me that gtk3 (at least as packaged by MacPorts) calls up XQuartz, but then completely ignores the X11 font support and goes direct to MacOS. Not a crazy idea, I suppose, but a bit surprising, and also not likely to make available all the gtk-related fonts you're used to having. I'd be less surprised to see a direct gtk-on-Quartz implementation do this.

OK, now to figure out how to add the font I want to MacOS -- how hard could that possibly be? ;->

Thanks for your followup, Jim, and for your comments as well, Daniel! Regarding the latter, I'd have to say that for what is supposed to be a cross-platform GUI, gtk3/gnome3 is abysmally supported on MacOS, which is a major platform. I won't say that's anybody's fault, but if the philosophy here is that gtk doesn't need to work well on boxes that aren't running full-on gnome3, I think that's a prescription for its ultimate demise -- a disturbing thought given that I've recently spent almost a year porting two decades' worth of Motif code into it.

Thanks all! (And back here in ten minutes after I'm whipped by the MacOS font system.)


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