Dear Stefan,

I am one of the main authors and administrators, working on the python
script used to parse the GTK .h header files and generate the Fortran
interfaces. I wrote some messages in the GTK+ forum in 2011 about
gtk-fortran, but it seems I had not registered at that time:

Personally I am a simple user of GTK3, using it to create simple GUIs for
scientific computing, like in that example:
I just need to visualize results progressively during long computations
(which can last 10 minutes, or several hours, sometime several days). I have
long worked with Compaq Visual Fortran (now Intel Fortran) 15 to 20 years
ago, which was offering the QuickWin library to create Fortran programs with
graphical windows, but of course only under... Windows. Having migrated
toward Linux since mid 2000's, I have looked for a free equivalent
cross-platform tool for a long time, and finally launched the gtk-fortran
project at the beginning of 2011.

There have been high and lows in the development of gtk-fortran but I found
some time and new energy these last six months to make a lot of cleaning in
the project and make a new release.

Concerning the "new discourse forum", I am not sure of what you mean. I do
not see such a forum on this page:
If the "Gtk+ - General" forum is not the good place to post my message, I
apologize. It just seemed the less bad place for a Fortran thing...

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