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> > Have you considered using the GObject introspection data that GTK
> > itself generates, instead of your custom parsing code?
> But a warning: GObject introspection is not that much fun, as it is in
> zombie state.

It most definitely is not. The project is actively maintained, and it
recently got even a full description of the XML schema:


The documentation has also been updated:


Starting with the API docs was really hard, took me some
> hundreds hours before useful code generation started.

libgirepository is mostly meant to be used by dynamic languages, not for
code generation. It's also heavily modelled on the requirements of existing
language bindings like pygobject for Python; Glib::Object::Introspection,
for Perl; and GJS for JavaScript. API can be added, but the on disk file
format is stable, so it cannot really be changed outside of the current
boundaries of its ABI.

Code generation typically starts from the GIR file format—for instance, the
Rust bindings use it to generate static bindings:


Note that Gtkmm does
> not use GObject introspection still.

gtkmm is an old binding, and it's very much set it its ways. Newly written
bindings should not go down the same route.


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