Ok, no worries. I will rename "match".
The test suite of "aiscm" fails but I didn't manage to create a small example 
so far.

On 16. September 2016 16:49:51 GMT+00:00, David Pirotte <da...@altosw.be> wrote:
>> I haven't managed to isolate it properly but I observed some strange 
>> problem with "concatenate" (using my "aiscm" library).
>>      (define-method (match (i <integer>) . args) ...)
>>      ...
>>      (apply match (concatenate (list (list 1) (list 2 2 3 4 5 6 ))))
>>      oop/goops.scm:1336:2: oop/goops.scm:1336:2: In procedure
>vector-ref: Value
>> out of range: 7
>       impossible to help you on this because the snipset is incomplete
>       please provide a complete match definition
>Also, I think match is really a 'problematic' name, because it is
>defined in
>(ice-9 match), and most of us almost  always import this module.

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