Oops, forgot to cc the list.

On 20/09/16 16:02, Ben Woodcroft wrote:
Hi Marius,

Thanks for the patches.

On 17/09/16 20:10, Marius Bakke wrote:
+         (add-after 'unpack 'fix-tests
+           (lambda _
+             ;; See https://github.com/pabigot/pyxb/issues/26 ...
+             (delete-file "tests/trac/test-trac-0091.py")

The fix for that test failing seems straightforward enough, might be better to include as a patch so those tests are run. https://github.com/pabigot/pyxb/commit/d4bdd5a1c712cd70f96264ae13b55d015cbf3335

+             ;; ...and https://github.com/pabigot/pyxb/pull/58 .
+             (substitute* "tests/utils/test-utility.py"
+               (("__NoExt_re = re.compile.*$")
+ "__NoExt_re = re.compile('(^|\\%s)[^\\.]+$' % os.sep)\n"))

Good catch there. It would be preferable to add this change as a patch as well, because it is more likely to apply correctly (not that it won't here), and also because when it is no longer needed after this package gets updated the patch will fail to apply alerting the updater to the fact it should be removed. As a bonus, my experience is that working with patches easier than using substitute* so require less builds before getting to a happy package.

I have not actually built these packages, but they look fine otherwise. Would you mind sending an updated patch for pyxb, and then I'll probably apply all three (assuming I find nothing else, which I don't anticipate).


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