On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 09:44:02PM +0200, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> I don’t know about hiding the packages and moving them to the same
> module.  In the past we’ve kept package variants always with the
> original package it was derived from,
> e.g. “armadillo-for-rcpparmadillo”, which is only used for
> “r-rcpparmadillo” in the “statistics” module, but which inherits from
> “armadillo” in the “maths” module.
> Back then I also thought that moving them together would be better, but
> if I remember correctly I was asked to keep the variant with the
> parent package.
> I’ll disable the extempore packages for non-x86_64, but I’d like to see
> some more opinions about whether to move the variants.
> ~~ Ricardo

Isn't this how we had the problem with nss and nss-certs, between
certs.scm and gnuzilla.scm? certs.scm imported gnuzilla.scm so nss-certs
could inherit from nss, so that meant we couldn't import certs into
gnuzilla without causing a stack overflow and a rift in the time-space

If its just an older version I think it should stay in the original
module. If its an unbundled fork then we should think twice before

We do always have the (very verbose) option of
("armadillo" ,(@@ (gnu packages maths) armadillo-for-rcpparmadillo)) for
packages that have their own special tweaks that we want to keep
private, in a different module.

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