On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 10:19:56PM +0200, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> Leo Famulari <l...@famulari.name> skribis:
> > But, I found that the regular approach to grafting does not work for our
> > dbus package. Presumably, it's because (gnu packages glib) exports dbus
> > before defining it.
> The #:export at the top shouldn’t make any difference.  In what way does
> it not work?  :-)

I think I must have made some mistake before — it works for me now and I
just pushed it to master and core-updates.

> Could it be an instance of <http://bugs.gnu.org/24418>?

I did a quick test with the package 'lash' and lash does refer to the
grafted dbus:

$ ./pre-inst-env guix build dbus --no-grafts                        
$ ./pre-inst-env guix build dbus            
$ guix gc --references $(./pre-inst-env guix build lash) | grep dbus

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