Tonton <ton...@riseup.net> skribis:

> On Wed, 16 May 2018 16:06:07 +0100
> ra...@airmail.cc wrote:
>> For the section about IRC. Please add a bit that explains why you 
>> shouldn't say "hi guys" when you join IRC. Instead "Hi guix" or "Hi 
>> #guix" is recommended.
> I'm not sure explaining some edge cases would be a-good-thing(tm). Instead I
> think it is better that we keep an eye out and tell each other when we make
> mistakes like this. This will also train our lenses to see these things
> better because we're using them.

I agree.  I think it’s important to clearly explain the general spirit
(and have a code of conduct for that), and then handle “mistakes” like
these when they happen.  For this specific case, I think it’s OK to
simply explain people when that happens that we’d prefer a
gender-neutral phrase, in line with our goal of being inclusive (I do
that from time to time on IRC and people understand, sometimes they just
didn’t realize.)


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