Ludovic Courtès <> writes:

> Hello,
> Tonton <> skribis:
>> First this something we would like - to have the
>> CoC as a section just like we have the section Building from Git
>> (
>> I could also add it as a subsection of contributing, making it part of the
>> landing. But it seemed better to me to have it separately, maybe.
> I’m unsure about adding a complete copy of the Code in the manual; I’d
> prefer keep the URL and a reference to the ‘CODE-OF-CONDUCT’ file.
> Thoughts?
> Also, to be clear, I wanted to leave a few days before updating to
> version 1.4 of the Contributor Covenant so that people have a chance to
> speak (a few days have passed already so it looks like we’re on the
> right track :-)), and to have Ricardo’s agreement as well as
> co-maintainer.

I have been following this conversation, but since I’m travelling and
attending a conference I haven’t read the new version yet.

Generally, I’m not opposed to updating the Contributor Covenant, and I
agree it would be great to make more prominent mention of the CoC on the
website.  I’m not really happy with the wording in the original patch,
but that’s a minor issue.


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