Konrad Hinsen <konrad.hin...@fastmail.net> writes:

>> Could this discussion be saved in the cookbook for instance? I'd like
>> to have this kind of discussion on the approach of guix and ideas
>> behind it somewhere more accessible than the ML archive. Does it make
>> sense?
> I think it makes sense to archive summaries of such discussions. I am
> less convinced that the cookbook is the right place, because design
> principles are pretty much the opposite of what I'd expect in a
> cookbook. But I don't see any better place and multiplying the parts of
> the documentation isn't great either. So... I am undecided ;-)

We can rename the cookbook to make it fit ;)

It was a placeholder name, because we all agreed for some time that a
“document” like that would be useful and that it shouldn’t be a wiki.
Beyond that we really didn’t have any plans.  I went ahead and
started it to enable collaboration on this resource — whatever it may
become eventually.

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