While it may or may not have been authentic in the period, I, too, like it for 
interpreting at events. One can show what the garments looked like (since you 
are wearing them underneath) and also the whole art of hand sewing--but, as you 
say neatly and plainly. Of course, as with other reenacting decisions, your 
mileage may vary.

Ann Wass




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Hah, I like plain sewing for events. Darning. Mending— unpretentious stuff to 
prove to the general public that it IS possible to do the job neatly and make 
things last!==Marjorie Wilser> On Dec 17, 2015, at 11:47 AM, Terry 
<twal...@us.net> wrote:> > Makes sense.  That's what I do in my sewing 
circle--bring the nice stuff to work on and leave the ugly stuff at home.> > 
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