I vote for fiction. It seems wrong on so many levels. You don’t “cut a hole" in 
a (new!) stocking to darn. You cut a thread and let it ravel a little. In that 
day, I suspect making ANY kind of hole would never have happened. You wouldn’t 
destroy new goods for any reason, much less to make busy work.

However, the very idea of them darning stockings in a social setting is 
suspect. It just wouldn’t be done in polite circles. Wish I could help on the 

==Marjorie Wilser

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> On Dec 18, 2015, at 2:05 PM, aqua...@patriot.net wrote:
> A young woman is visiting a household with other young women, and they are
> darning some stockings. It would not be proper to give her one of the
> family's stockings to mend, so they cut a hole in a new stocking for her
> to darn.
> The whole idea seems silly to me, because it seems that there would be
> some new clothing to be made or something for her to do that would not
> require making busy work. That's why it sounds more like historical
> fiction.
> Does it sound familiar to anyone?
> Thanks!
> -Carol

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