Also a good read is "Seeing Through Clothes" (Anne Hollander) Another gem is 
"How Fashion Invades the Stage" (maud Powell, 1908)
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It's a great book.  Every historical costumer who loves movies should
own a copy.

On 01/06/2016 12:00 PM, Viv Watkins wrote:
> There is a fascinating book - "Hollywood and History - Costume Design in
> Film"  which looks how costume designers present historical dress.   It
> was published in 1988 to accompany an exhibition mounted at the Los
> Angeles County Museum of Art.  Part of the foreword says "Contemporary
> viewers are not aware that the costumes reflect their own standards of
> style and beauty - that the cave-dwellers' costumes are cut to emphasise
> the 1940's silhouette, that the antebellum dresses are made with 1930's
> bias-cut fabrics.  It is only with the passage of time that one can see
> clearly how all-pervasive the designer's contemporary aesthetics have
> been." It is one of my favourite costume books, it has given me an extra
> layer of fun when I watch the wonderful old movies.

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