Oh this is one of my all time favourite books :) I was lucky enough that
even though the library it was housed in wasn't part of the system I was on
I could still go to the library and read it. Seriously, one city, seven
regional councils, with different systems, and books split between them.
Prior to that there were even more systems split between boroughs. And for
some reason the system I was in had almost no art books. And, even better,
inter library loan generally couldn't be done between these systems and I'd
often get books from other parts of the country.
It should never have been that difficult but it was and I still have stacks
of low grade photocopies from books at the university library when was just
insane heaven for me. An entire full stack of books. Even the main central
library here has fewer costume history books than the university main
library (not even talking about the fine arts library which is a small room
but full of beautiful books.)

Anyway, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auckland_Libraries in case it seemed
like an exageration ;) It's only been since 2010 that I've been able to
borrow from my nearest library.

On 7 January 2016 at 06:00, Viv Watkins <croxt...@vivwatkins.plus.com>

> There is a fascinating book - "Hollywood and History - Costume Design in
> Film"  which looks how costume designers present historical dress.   It was
> published in 1988 to accompany an exhibition mounted at the Los Angeles
> County Museum of Art.  Part of the foreword says "Contemporary viewers are
> not aware that the costumes reflect their own standards of style and beauty
> - that the cave-dwellers' costumes are cut to emphasise the 1940's
> silhouette, that the antebellum dresses are made with 1930's bias-cut
> fabrics.  It is only with the passage of time that one can see clearly how
> all-pervasive the designer's contemporary aesthetics have been." It is one
> of my favourite costume books, it has given me an extra layer of fun when I
> watch the wonderful old movies.
> Viv Watkins.

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