I've done some investigation of relation between 1.3(stable) and1.4(beta) - 
Hope it somebody helps to pick proper version for conrete suits.
Please feel free to correct me:

 * Development of version 1.3 is discontinued - all bugs found are fixed 
only in 1.4 version
 * Git branch tagged version1.3 only contains snapshot of released sources 
of particular 1.3 versions and there is not and WILL NOT be any further 
 * 1.4 is Beta because of new MV_STORE which is default since 1.4.177 AND 
because of MVCC enabled
 * 1.4 can be used for production same as 1.3 when 
;MV_STORE=FALSE;MVCC=FALSE  is appended to JDBC URL (MVCC is now disabled 
when not using MV_STORE - so potetionally can be omited)
 * MV_STORE has few data corruption issues  but since 2015-10-11 is there 
was no new one
 * MV_STORE should now have pretty similar performance as old one but 
delivers some new cool Map-Like &versioning features, which can be used 
 * There are no _unfixed known bugs_ on MV_STORE but there still exists few 
open data corruption bugs related to this store(which may or may not be 
caused by it)

Sincerely Petr Holik

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