Hello everyone!

First I'd like to say that I'm very happy to be a part
of this group. :)  Uniting the various Dean movements
is going to be one of the most important pieces of the
puzzle to change this country's direction.  It's not
often that you can feel that you are really making a
difference in the world, and I believe this group is,
and will.

Onward...  This was brought up late in the meeting and
was suggested to bring to the list instead:

The DeanSpace plans seem to require every existing
Dean group to have a DeanSpace node _in addition to_
their currently existing websites.  I expect no one to
be excited about abandoning their current sites... I
expect few to be enthusiastic _beyond the initial
excitement_ about maintaining an additional site that
does not contribute to their current, "homegrown"
sites.  So could we develop stand-alone (non-drupal)
modules (in php, asp, jsp, others?  or perhaps just
one, in client-side javascript?) that groups can put
on their current sites, that will display (not alter,
just display) the RSS feeds, thereby allowing a
measure of integration between "homegrown" sites and
DeanSpace nodes?  Autonomy being the foundation of a
grassroots movement, we don't want people to feel like
DeanSpace is hijacking or upstaging their own work.

Better yet, do such stand-alone modules already exist,
GPL'd, and do they need to be expanded for our needs? 
Will we provide these as part of (or alongside) our

Josh Swartzbaugh

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