Here is my vision for a distributed media module which I will not have
time to work on so its only a vision.

Start with an RSS schema that has tags for different sources and
different formats of a single type of media. This schema can also do
some tagging.

Make a node type that lets users upload things and attach them. This
will generate the RSS. A simple form upload is compatible everywhere,
but might not be desirable for that 10mb video.

Syndicate. When a node syndicates a process backgrounds and fetches the
media (might be triggered by a certain level of interest or inhibited by
admin's settings). Bittorrent might be used as a backend for this if it
can be made compatible enough.

When the item is fetched tell the origional site you have a mirror by
XML-RPC. Then the generating site will have the new mirror listed in RSS
for sites to syndicate.


aim: ndrumm3

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