It seems to me this relates to the classic napster vs gnutella achitecture
evaluation(?). The selling point of the distrubuted, decentralized nature of
gnutella was, in the main, user privacy. Performance though, in my personal
experience and from a system logistics point of view, was in napster's
corner and I atrribute this to the directory residing on a centralized
server. Though the files were distributed, queries were routed thru a
central hub as opposed to decentralized nodes and thus the "path" between
users was shortened.

This better performance is also why napster disappeared in one day. Complete centralization with fail for legal reasons.

A) Being run by the campaign, in which case it will be non-lively and relatively un-cool (they already have

B) Run by a PAC, which has a very similar set of problems to situation A

C) Being shut down by hosting costs


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