So either the media-network intelligence goes in the nodes of the
network, or it goes straight to the center of the Dean Media Team

A few times now you've talked about "having to get permission from DMT"
or being "controlled by DMT", and now the "DMT mother-ship". It's clear
that you don't like the idea of someone else telling us what to do.
But it's unfair to describe DMT so adversarially, as though they were
some sort of independent controlling entity.

If the DMT were the only place to go to get media, they would by necessity be a controlling entity. Slashdot -- which invites some user moderation -- works ok, but you'll also find many people who are disgruntled with the way it is run.

Luckily for people who don't like slashdot, there are 100s of places you can go for "News For Nerds, Stuff that Matters." What we're talking about here would be a system where DMT would be the only source for Dean Media. As such, any top-down control by anyone will create friction.

There is no "us" and "them". We are all on the same team.

Not really accurate. We have the same ultimate goal, but for various reasons (legal, technical, political, social) we are not on the same team.

Look, as Zack pointed out, a user-driven moderation system doesn't depend on a centralized media server. Being able to link media doesn't depend on a centralized media server. Being able to widely promote media doesn't depend on a centralized media server.

The only thing a centralized media server does is (potentially) shorten the development time. As a tradeoff to that you have legal liability due to cost, a high admin load, and the potential of stifling innovation.

No one is arguing against a search hub for media. This is clearly necessary. The question is which entities have control over how media is produced and what it contains, how media is promoted and released to the public, and where in cyberspace media is hosted.

All of these questions push me in the direction of a distributed media system, and the cost/liability issue seals the deal. We obviously need search hubs for the many types and shapes of Dean media, but we cannot have one host for it all.


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