This is great. I really don't think a big release is the way to go -- in
fact, I think it would backfire. For this to work, I think I'll start
offering particular services, like a "want to set up your own Dean
website?" there are volunteers who can help. 

And then build off that, slowly and quietly. I'll work on the DFA page
that can do this. 


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All sounds great Josh - ill get cracking on this stuff tonight with you.

Also, i think a theme contest is in order for  Does 2
sound like a long enough time? We can put a vote to the submitted
- with the winner winning "Default".


On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Joshua Koenig wrote:

> This is going to be a big week for Dean.
> In our own corner of the universe, we've gone "live" with our new
> website, This is good stuff. Now we need to think
> strategy.
> Basically, as soon as we start pushing this, we're going to get a lot
> of interest from techies and regular campaign people alike. Deanspace
> needs to channel that interest so it is rewarded and put to use,
> than frustrated.
> Here are some ideas:
> 1) A "first time here?" page that explains what we're about
> 2) A release schedule and strategy for our "vanilla" kit.
> 3) A place for tech people to get the whole "alpha" package and start
> messing around on their own.
> 4) A place for regular campaign people to get a taste of what we're
> offering (e.g. a freebie demo site)
> I'm going to take a stab at a "first time here" page. Anyone else
> things think these are good ideas?
> cheers
> -josh
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