All sounds great Josh - ill get cracking on this stuff tonight with you.

Also, i think a theme contest is in order for  Does 2 weeks
sound like a long enough time? We can put a vote to the submitted themese
- with the winner winning "Default".


On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Joshua Koenig wrote:

> This is going to be a big week for Dean.
> In our own corner of the universe, we've gone "live" with our new
> website, This is good stuff. Now we need to think
> strategy.
> Basically, as soon as we start pushing this, we're going to get a lot
> of interest from techies and regular campaign people alike. Deanspace
> needs to channel that interest so it is rewarded and put to use, rather
> than frustrated.
> Here are some ideas:
> 1) A "first time here?" page that explains what we're about
> 2) A release schedule and strategy for our "vanilla" kit.
> 3) A place for tech people to get the whole "alpha" package and start
> messing around on their own.
> 4) A place for regular campaign people to get a taste of what we're
> offering (e.g. a freebie demo site)
> I'm going to take a stab at a "first time here" page. Anyone else
> things think these are good ideas?
> cheers
> -josh
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