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> [Muly, sorry for hijacking your thread, but it's becoming
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No worries, I relinquish any and all claims I might have had for this

So, it occurs to me that Haifux hasn't met in ages. Would there by
interest in a talk about a new profit-maximizing operating system I
built called nom?

Here's the abstract:

  In the near future, cloud providers will sell their users virtual
  machines with CPU, memory, network, and storage resources whose
  prices constantly change according to market-driven supply and
  demand conditions. Running traditional operating systems in these
  virtual machines is a poor fit: traditional operating systems are
  not aware of changing resource prices and their sole aim is to
  maximize performance with no consideration of costs. Consequently,
  they yield low profits.

  We present nom,  a profit-maximizing operating system designed for
  cloud computing platforms with dynamic resource prices. Applications
  running on nom aim to maximize profits by optimizing for both
  performance and resource costs. The nom kernel provides them with
  direct access to the underlying hardware and full control over their
  private software stacks. Since nom applications know there is no
  single “best” software stack, they adapt their stacks’ behavior on
  the fly according to the current price of available resources and
  their private valuations of them.  We show that in addition to
  achieving up to 3.9x better throughput and up to 9.1x better
  latency, nom applications yield up to 11.1x higher profits when
  compared with the same applications running on Linux and OSv.

ObLinux: yes, there is a Linux angle.

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