Hi Ahmed,
small question/clarification request.
what happens when you directly browse to the jboss backend? like this http://jbosserver/jboss/ do you get this same "not found" ?

So haproxy is then forwarding the request like it should, but what i think you want is that haproxy will forward a request to http://haproxy/jboss/index.html to http://jbossserver/index.html , is that indeed what you want/expect? im not sure thats actually possible.. (also thinking about links send in a response would not point to the subfolder.)

greets PiBa-NL
Op 19-6-2013 23:26, Lukas Tribus schreef:
Hi Ahmed!

Any suggestions?
Post the complete configuration, inlcuding default, global and all backend
sections (checking mode http, httpclose, etc). If that doesn't lead to any
conclusion, we will need you to start haproxy in debug mode, capture the
request and post it on the list, so we can confront it with the



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