Simon Drake schreef op 27-12-2013 17:07:

/Would it be possible to post an example showing the correct haproxy config to use with the agent-check.

/By the way I saw the mailing list post recently about the changes to the agent-check, using state and percentage, and I think that the right way to go./
For me this config works:
server MyServer check inter 5000 agent-check agent-inter 3333 agent-port 2123 weight 32

I've tried a few small tests with it, and while bringing a server to 'down' or 'drain' seemed to work, i was missing the 'up' keyword, only "100%" seems to bring a server back alive. So if your monitoring 100-%CPUusage and sending that 1on1 back to the agent on a server with 99% cpu capacity available wont come back up..

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