Wierd.. Attached the C# 'program' i used as an agent for a small test(compile it with csc.exe).. maybe something is wrong with my test implementation.?

When i press ` (the key besides the 1) it sends 0% and in the haproxy stats the server is shown as "drain". When i then press 9 for 90% is stays in drain, only when i press 0 for 100% the server comes back up again.

Maybe someone can take a look?

*My HAProxy version:*

HA-Proxy version 1.5-dev21-6b07bf7 +2013/12/17
Copyright 2000-2013 Willy Tarreau <w...@1wt.eu>
Build options :
  TARGET  = freebsd
  CPU     = generic
  CC      = cc
  CFLAGS  = -O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -DFREEBSD_PORTS

*The backend using the check:*

backend SSSSS_tcp
    mode            tcp
    balance            static-rr
    timeout connect        30000
    timeout server        30000
    retries            3
    fullconn 3333
server asd check inter 2000 agent-check agent-inter 2000 agent-port 2123 weight 100

Malcolm Turnbull schreef op 11-1-2014 20:30:
Sorry only just got around to looking at this and updating my blog entry:

Yes the important bit missing was "agent-check"....

But my testing with Dev21 seems to bring the servers back fine with
any percentage reading i.e. 10% 75% etc. Please let me know if anyone
else is having an issue, thanks.

server Win2008R2  weight 100  check agent-check
agent-port 3333 inter 2000  rise 2  fall 3 minconn 0  maxconn 0
on-marked-down shutdown-sessions

On 27 December 2013 22:44, PiBa-NL <piba.nl....@gmail.com> wrote:
Simon Drake schreef op 27-12-2013 17:07:

Would it be possible to post an example showing the correct haproxy config
to use with the agent-check.

By the way I saw the mailing list post recently about the changes to the
agent-check, using state and percentage, and I think that the right way to

For me this config works:
     server            MyServer  check inter 5000 agent-check
agent-inter 3333 agent-port 2123  weight 32

I've tried a few small tests with it, and while bringing a server to 'down'
or 'drain' seemed to work, i was missing the 'up' keyword, only "100%" seems
to bring a server back alive. So if your monitoring 100-%CPUusage and
sending that 1on1 back to the agent on a server with 99% cpu capacity
available wont come back up..

// HAProxy agent check test program
// compile with:
// C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\csc.exe /out:"haproxy_agent_service.exe" "haproxy_agent_service.cs"

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System.Text;

class healthchecker{
	public static void Main(){
		bool running = true;
		TcpListener server=null;   
			Int32 port = 2123;
			IPAddress localAddr = IPAddress.Parse("");
			server = new TcpListener(localAddr, port);

			// Start listening for client requests.
			// Buffer for reading data
			Byte[] bytes = new Byte[256];
			String data = null;

			string message = "55%\n";
			// Enter the listening loop. 
				Console.Write("Waiting for a connection... ");

				// Perform a blocking call to accept requests. 
				// You could also user server.AcceptSocket() here.
				TcpClient client = null;
					using(client = server.AcceptTcpClient()){
						ConsoleKeyInfo cki;
						while (Console.KeyAvailable)
							cki = Console.ReadKey();
							Console.WriteLine("Key PRESSED: {0}", cki.Key);
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D)
								 message = "drain\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.S)
								 message = "stopped\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.U)
								 message = "up\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.Oem3)
								 message = "0%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D1)
								 message = "10%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D2)
								 message = "20%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D3)
								 message = "30%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D4)
								 message = "40%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D5)
								 message = "50%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D6)
								 message = "60%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D7)
								 message = "70%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D8)
								 message = "80%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D9)
								 message = "90%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.D0)
								 message = "100%\n";
							if (cki.Key == ConsoleKey.Q)
								 running = false;
						data = null;

						// Get a stream object for reading and writing
						NetworkStream stream = client.GetStream();

						int i;

						ASCIIEncoding uniEncoding = new ASCIIEncoding();
						stream.Write(uniEncoding.GetBytes(message), 0, message.Length);
						Console.WriteLine("Wrote {0} bytes: {1}", message.Length, message);
						// Shutdown and end connection
				} catch (SocketException e){
					Console.WriteLine("Err: {0}", e);
		catch(SocketException e)
			Console.WriteLine("SocketException: {0}", e);
			// Stop listening for new clients.
		Console.WriteLine("\nHit enter to continue...");

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