On 8 September 2015 at 20:56, Daniel Zenczak <dani...@zoosociety.org> wrote:
> Hello Jonathan,
>                 Thank you for the response.  That old gateway workstation is
> not going to be used anymore (the HDDs failed on it and the RAID board
> didn’t warn/detect/tell us when it happened).  I have spun up Ubuntu Server
> inside one of our Virtual Servers to act as the new Load Balancer.  Is this
> what you mean by migrating the hardware as well as the software?

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Daniel -

You have to swap out your hardware because it failed.
You don't have to swap out your software as it has not failed.

Whilst a move to HAProxy is a great plan, I would not be doing it
whilst trying to fix your web servers' redundancy and bringing both
web servers back into service.

My professional advice in your situation would be to change the
minimum number of things necessary to restore resilient service, which
in this case sounds like only your hardware - whether you fix it by
replacing the hardware or by virtualising the server.

I would not include swapping Piranha for HAProxy and CentOS for Ubuntu
in this work. I'd do both of those later.


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