Le 18/09/2016 à 04:17, Bertrand Jacquin a écrit :
> Today I noticed data corruption when haproxy is used for compression
> offloading. I bisected twice, and it lead to this specific commit but
> I'm not 100% confident this commit is the actual root cause.
> HTTP body coming from the nginx backend is consistent, but HTTP headers
> are different depending on the setup I'm enabling. Data corruption only
> happens with transfer encoding chunked. HTTP body coming then from
> haproxy to curl can be randomly corrupted, I attached a diff
> (v1.7-dev1-50-gd7c9196ae56e.Transfer-Encoding-chunked.diff) revealing an
> unrelated blob like TLS structure in the middle of the javascript. For
> example, you will find my x509 client certificate in there
> I'm also attaching HTTP headers from haproxy to nginx may that help.
> Note that I tested with zlib 1.2.8 and libslz 1.0.0, result remains the
> same in both case.

Hi Bertrand,

I've done some tests. Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce the bug. So
I need more information. First, I need to known how you hit it. Is this
happen under load or randomly when you do a single request ? Then, do
you still have the bug when you are not using SSL ? Let me also know how
often the bug appear. And finally, If you can share with me your HA and
Nginx configurations, this could help.


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