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Am 22-09-2016 17:41, schrieb Willy Tarreau:
Yeah yeah some of you will say "ah at last, it's been long".



For now it only adds the "x-bogosity" header to the e-mail and still
delivers it so that I can monitor the activity, but the purpose is to
very quickly switch to dropping those marked as spam (which are the
majority of those people complain about).

I did a few configuration changes for this in the delivery path but
nothing that should be visible except this new header. I'm just seeing
the last spam marked as such, after a few other ones I'll configure it
to block. If you notice that an e-mail from you seems to get blocked
or to be bouncing, please do report it to me directly so that I can
check what is happening.

The mail from "ad3 <a...@qq.com>" was tagged like this.

X-Bogosity: Unsure, tests=bogofilter, spamicity=0.972880, version=1.2.4

Does this mean that this mail is not tagged as spam, right?

BR Aleks

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