On 06/04/2017 04:25 μμ, Olivier Houchard wrote:
> Hi,
> The attached patchset is the first cut at an attempt to work around the
> linux issues with SOREUSEPORT that makes haproxy refuse a few new connections
> under heavy load.
> This works by transferring the existing sockets to the new process via the
> stats socket. A new command-line flag has been added, -x, that takes the
> path to the unix socket as an argument, and if set, will attempt to retrieve
> all the listening sockets;
> Right now, any error, either while connecting to the socket, or retrieving
> the file descriptors, is fatal, but maybe it'd be better to just fall back
> to the previous behavior instead of opening any missing socket ? I'm still
> undecided about that.
> Any testing, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Does this patch set support HAProxy in multiprocess mode (nbproc > 1) ?


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