Does use-server also accept some keyword to address the first server in the 
backend instead of a specific valid server name of the backend?

That would save quite a bit logic complexity in Puppet.
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Pieter Vogelaar

Op 02-03-18 15:41 heeft Willy Tarreau <> geschreven:

    On Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 01:51:42PM +0000, Pieter Vogelaar wrote:
    > When I move force-persist to the backend, it indeed works.
    Great, thanks for the feedback.
    > From some other post I understand it's only possible to bypass the
    > maintenance mode where stickiness is used?
    Yes, or you can use the "use-server" directive which respects force-persist
    as well. What I've seen a number of people use to test deployments was a
    static page at a hidden URL where you had a list of all configured servers
    and a radio button (or a link), allowing you to decide what server to 
    to. Then clicking on the server would set the cookie so that you can 
    try to connect there and see if it works or not. If it doesn't, you just 
    to go back to the server selection page and try another one. I remember 
    implemented one such page with extra stuff like setting/clearing the cookie,
    setting/clearing a "force-persist" cookie that was used to decide whether to
    go there forcing the access or as a regular user. Thus using stickiness it's
    very convenient. But if it doesn't suit your needs well, use-server will let
    you do exactly what you want.

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