On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 09:48:11AM +0000, Pieter Vogelaar wrote:
> Does use-server also accept some keyword to address the first server in the
> backend instead of a specific valid server name of the backend?

Hmmm no there's no such feature. I'm not sure I'm seeing well the real
use case to be honnest, considering that you should have a farm with
many servers. Or maybe you'd only want to target a specific server
position, like server #1, server #2 etc to be sure to iterate over all
of them using enough rules ?

> That would save quite a bit logic complexity in Puppet.

It could be useful if you could shortly describe what the challenge is
in this case and how you would see it addressed. Maybe it's something
not too difficult to implement if it can be useful.


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