On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 07:44:46AM +0100, Baptiste wrote:
> How should we organize directories and pages?
> IE for TLS offloading:
>   /common/acceleration/tls_offloading.md ?
> I think it's quite important to agree on it now, because the folders will
> be part of the URL indexed by google :)

I agree, but if you put too many levels, you'll end up on a tre-like
doc where nobody can find anything because depending on what you're
looking for you don't expect to find it at this place. You could simply
have a big "SSL/TLS" section and put all related knowledge there, with
a few links to some extra info present somewhere else.

> I am not fan of the "advanced use cases" title, but we can brainstorm this
> later.

No problem. It could also be "integration with third party products",
which probably more accurately translates what will land there.

> And I wonder how / where we should put integration with third
> parties (kubernetes, docker, consul, influxdb, grafana, prometheus,
> etc...).

Hehe, see above :-)

> I would like to have a page for each of these items.

Yes it makes sense. I'm pretty sure that over time some people will
become the main editor for a set of pages, so it's important to split
them accordingly so that it's easy for some people to regularly update
"their" pages without having to depend on moving parts around. In this
case this will be directly related to the ecosystem where haproxy is
used, hence the product or set of products involved around.

> This will also help third party maintainers to push their integration
> documentation into this wiki, even if the page is just a link to their own
> documentation.

Good point, I hadn't thought about it.


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