On Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 10:55:18AM +0200, Luke Seelenbinder wrote:
> I just realized we have both referred to two different variants of the email, 
> one with an s and one without:
> submissi...@haproxy.com and submiss...@haproxy.com

Ah sorry about that! Yes it's without the trailing "s" as I
first copy-pasted in the previous e-mail.

> I sent mine to submiss...@haproxy.com (the first one you linked).


> Maybe you want to clarify for everyone which is the canonical before all the
> submissions end up accidentally hitting a junk drawer somewhere? :-)

Yes you're right, thank you for notifying me. It seemed more natural
to me to have this trailing "s", reason why I made the mistake. Let's
hope I'm the only one making it.


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