Le 10/07/2019 à 13:08, Luke Seelenbinder a écrit :
> Hi Patrick,
> That didn't work (in a few different forms I tried)—thanks for the suggestion 
> though!
> It seems HTX is pretty picky about how those headers get emitted. :)
> I'm still looking for a solution to this that doesn't involve disabling HTX.

Hi Luke,

It is pretty ugly but you may hide the full "Content-Length" header in the 
value of
another one, for instance:

    http-response set-header x-custom-cl "1\r\nContent-Length: 
%[res.fhdr(content-length)]" if { res.fhdr(content-length) -m found }
    http-response del-header content-length

As said, it is ugly. But it does the trick for now. I will probably try to work
on a solution for the 2.1. Even more so the legacy HTTP will be removed for
this release.

Christopher Faulet

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