Hello List,

I have a painful case of noncompliance to report and figure out how to fix.

When HTX is enabled, all headers are returned in lower case (e.g., 
content-length, date, etc.). This is obviously fine and within spec. 
Unfortunately, I'm using a rather frustrating piece of software (Wowza) that 
talks to an haproxy instance and Wowza requires that the content-length header 
is always camel case, i.e., Content-Length, otherwise requests fail.

I tried using http-response set-header Content-Length 
%[res.hdr(content-length)] if { res.hdr(content-length) -m found } to force the 
value to upper case, but that didn't help.

This is very obviously a case of badly behaving software and not a problem with 
HAProxy, but I'm wondering if there's any other way to force that header to 
Content-Length without turning HTX off.

Thanks for any ideas!


Luke Seelenbinder
SermonAudio.com <http://sermonaudio.com/> | Senior Software Engineer

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