Hi there,

May I add that, in the CORS implementation, there is a specific header used for 
the caching duration: Access-Control-Max-Age

This header is supported by most of browsers and its specification is available 
: https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org/#http-access-control-max-age

One would think of using this header value instead of the well known 
Cache-Control header when dealing with CORS and OPTIONS requests.


De : Baptiste <bed...@gmail.com>
Envoyé : mercredi 7 août 2019 12:38
À : HAProxy; William Lallemand
Objet : [cache] allow caching of OPTIONS request

Hi there,

Please find in attachement a couple of patches to allow caching responses to 
OPTIONS requests, used in CORS pattern.
In modern API where CORS is applied, there may be a bunch of OPTIONS requests 
coming in to the API servers, so caching these responses will improve API 
response time and lower the load on the servers.
Given that HAProxy does not yet support the Vary header, this means this 
feature is useful in a single case, when the server send the following header 
"set access-control-allow-origin: *".

William, can you check if my patches look correct, or if this is totally wrong 
and then I'll open an issue on github for tracking this one.


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