The RHEL7 package for HAProxy Enterprise is fully compatible with RHEL8, and there's also a build against openssl 1.1.1 , so for all intents and purposes one can start using it on RHEL8.

Direct RHEL8 support should arrive with the release of HAProxy Enterprise 2.0 which should arrive at the end of Q3 or at the start of Q4.  We can expedite the process if needed.

If you have any further questions regarding the enterprise version feel free to reach out at or, the mailing list is oriented towards questions regarding open source development of the community edition.

On 8/21/19 9:42 AM, Eng, Lijwee wrote:

Hi HA Proxy Team,

Would like to check is HA Proxy compatible with RHEL 8, from the current compatibility , based on the current documentation, 1-9r1 supports up to RHEL 7.

Will RHEL 8 be supported as well ?

Please advise, thank you!


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