I would be open to implement this feature, as it is currently not possible to 
implement this behavior (at least afaik). Would there be interest in such a 
feature from the community?

From: "Schimweg, Luca" <luca.schim...@sap.com>
Date: Tuesday, 3. September 2019 at 09:19
To: "haproxy@formilux.org" <haproxy@formilux.org>
Subject: [CAUTION] RFC uuid for log-format


for one use case I have, I would need a variable like %uuid in log-formats, 
which just generates a random UUID. The use-case would be, to be able to set 
the unique-id-format to this uuid, so that we can have a random uuid set as 
request-id for any incoming request. Right now, it’s quite difficult to get a 
random and unique request-id, the random uuid approach would definitely help 
with that.

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