*From:* Илья Шипицин [mailto:chipits...@gmail.com]
*Sent:* Thursday, September 19, 2019, 15:10 EDT
*To:* HAProxy <haproxy@formilux.org>
*Subject:* [PATCH] improving github experience, kindly ask people to reproduce bugs on latest haproxy


please find attached patch

Ilya Shipitsin
I dunno, I've personally never been fond of it when bug reporters are blindly asked to upgrade to the latest version. Sometimes the request is justified, such as when the project maintainers have reason to believe the bug is fixed, or if the version is years old. But otherwise it can causes difficulties for the reporter. In corporate environments, it can be difficult to perform such upgrades. Sometimes these issues are only reproducible in production environments. So by asking them to upgrade, you're making them go through the difficulty, and potentially cause impact to their clients. And because that process can take a while, it's possible that by the time they do complete the upgrade, another version has been released.

I personally also find the use of heavy bug templates, with nuanced little checkboxes to be annoying. In this case more so because we already ask them to provide the version information, which answers the question the checkbox is for. And the checkbox "yes i'm on the latest" might be accurate at the time of submission, but can become out of date.

Now all that said, I'm not against encouraging people to try a later version if available. Just that I don't think it should be the expectation.


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