Am 24.09.19 um 04:49 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
>> I'm actually also fine with maintaining the current template as-is and
>> I agree the issue tracker needs to be used to collect informations on
>> unkown bugs, which is especially useful if there are multiple
>> reporters.
> This definitely is one of the most important value it has brought so far.
>> I just think the bar can be a little bit higher without
>> negative impact.
> Unless you feel that it's starting to cause too much work on your side,
> from my developer's perspective at least it's still manageable as it is
> right now, with a positive balance, so I'd also be all for keeping it
> as it is, possibly just rewording a little bit or so if needed.

I did not do much in the last weeks in the issue tracker, mainly because
someone else was faster than me. The turnaround time from report to fix
sometimes is very impressive and the issue is already closed fixed
before I see it.

However I read all the notifications and currently I don't see a need
for issue template adjustments regarding version upgrades.

To me it feels that the recent duplicates are mostly only fixed in git
and not yet released as a proper version. So users would need to upgrade
to some intermediate version or apply a patch. This is hardly something
that we should expect of them.
So the "problem" is not "users don't upgrade", but rather "users don't
have something to upgrade to".

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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