Hello Patrick,

> I dunno, I've personally never been fond of it when bug reporters are blindly 
> asked to upgrade to the latest version.

Everything you are saying is relevant for a support environment, like
the mailing list or discourse. However the bug tracker is not a
support forum, it's a bug tracker only. We need factual data,
everything else belongs to the support channels. We needed this to
file known bugs and features requests so we stop forgetting about them
in the stream of emails and to coordinate fixes of known, confirmed

Nobody is saying that problems need to be reported on Github. People
seeking help ought to report their issues to the mailing list. If on
the other hand those people are willing to file a bug report - and
this implies some groundwork for them - then that's great, because it
helps us.

However it needs to be clear that the issue tracker in Github is not a
support forum, and that filing a report will needs some ground work.
It is also *always* a good idea to discuss an issue on the ML first,
before filing an issue.

But if you are unable to reproduce the problem on the latest release,
your report definitely belongs to the mailing list.

> In corporate environments, it can be difficult to perform such upgrades.
> Sometimes these issues are only reproducible in production environments.

I know that. But that's not a bug report, it's a support request and
it belongs to the mailing list.

Acked-by: Lukas Tribus <lu...@ltri.eu>


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