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macbookpro:~ andreavettori$ curl --http2 -v http://g.testhost
Here, it is the expected behavior. HAProxy does not support explicit H2 upgrade.

In Fact, for this one, I was wrong. The result should be more or less the same that an HTTP/1.1 request. The upgrade should be ignored and the request should be sent in H2 to the server without the header "Upgrade". In return, the H2 response should be converted to HTTP/1.1 and sent to the client.

So, as for all requests on the ports 80 and 82, you have a configuration issue. Looking at you complete configuration (with global and defaults sections), it does not seem to be problem with your HAProxy configuration.
So there is something else.

I’m not sure to understand what you’re referring about ?  Wrong/old libraries when compiling haproxy or … ?

I don't know where is the problem. Your configuration is pretty simple but all requests on ports 80 and 82 failed. Connections are closed with no reply. It is totally unexpected of course. It may be a firewalling problem. And I don't know if it is related or not to you issue.

Please consider to use nghttp if possible. Curl does not give enough details at the protocol layer. Also enable HTTP logs (option httplog in your defaults section and the info level on the log line in your global section instead of warning).

Christopher Faulet

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