> On 29 Oct 2019, at 10:20, Christopher Faulet <cfau...@haproxy.com> wrote:
> Please consider to use nghttp if possible. Curl does not give enough details 
> at the protocol layer. Also enable HTTP logs (option httplog in your defaults 
> section and the info level on the log line in your global section instead of 
> warning).

I’m collecting a few tests using nghttp and to do so I aligned the dev web 
server configuration with those in production (to compare the outputs).
While doing this haproxy emitted this error and I think it’s related to a 
connection that seemed stuck.

haproxy[20636]: A bogus STREAM [0x7efd240595f0] is spinning at 189145 calls per 
second and refuses to die, aborting now! Please report this error to developers 
[strm=0x7efd240595f0 src=ipaddr fe=dev be=dev-ssl-servers dst=webdev 
rqf=c40e060 rqa=0 rpf=8000a020 rpa=0 sif=CLO,c8000 sib=CON,280191 af=(nil),0 
csf=0x7efd24027420,0 ab=(nil),0 csb=0x7efd240577b0,800 
cob=0x7efd24021a70,202306:H2(0x7efd2403a960)/RAW((nil))/tcpv4(6) ]

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