On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 7:08 AM Илья Шипицин <chipits...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Really I would have expected to find a lightweight and generic Python
>> or Ruby "framework" that allows one to write such tests in a more
>> "programmatic" manner...  :(
> python mechanize ?

Looking at the documentation, https://mechanize.readthedocs.io/, it
seems targeted towards HTML testing and automation, say something more
similar to Selenium.

But the direction is quite good, i.e. it includes programatic
definition, however I'm serching something targeting mainly the
HTTP-layer, and as added-value if it allows me to write "application"
tests the better.  :)

Aside from `mechanize`, there seems to be two categories of tools, at
opposite ends, without any overlapping:
* we have the web-application testers, like Postman, `mechanize` (from
what I've seen), a few other (especially NodeJS-based)
implementations, that focus exclusively on the application layer;
(i.e. HTML, JSON, forms, etc.)
* we have the low-level HTTP-layer load generating tools like `wrk` or
`ab`, that have almost no capability of checking the "application"
layer, and most of the time neither the HTTP layer;
* and we have `vtest` / `varnishtest` (and perhaps a few others that I
haven't found yet) that also focus on the HTTP-layer, but mainly only
target the proxy / cache aspect of it, and lack basic functionality
for any application testing;

I'm searching for something "in-between".  :)


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