Am 20.03.20 um 14:29 schrieb Emeric Brun:
> So I understand that since 1.6 the SMP_T are directly announced on the wire 
> for key types, and it brokes the documented values and this is hazardous to 
> rely on internal enum values.
> So we must re-introduce a mapping between internal and on-wire types.
> Some questions about choices:
> - Re-map types to documented values or Update the doc to match currently used 
> values? 

There's really only one sane choice after several years of not following
the documentation:

Update the documentation to match the currently used values. The peers
protocol is HAProxy specific, so in practice the correct values are
"what HAProxy does" (i.e. the protocol is defined by the reference
implementation). The custom implementation during which I stumbled upon
this issue is brand new and I needed to look into the code anyway,
because the docs are incomplete (as I outlined before in this thread).

Changing the code will cause larger breakage during a HAProxy bugfix
upgrade if not all machines in a cluster are upgraded simultaneously.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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