Hi Willy,

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> Ilya,
> > also, I'd suggest to purge travis-ci cache (if you are build in your own
> > fork).
> > some travis related issue might be related when something is took from
> > cache (which was not supposed to happen)
> Could you please handle Martin's patch, possibly cut it into several
> pieces if relevant and add a commit message indicating what it does
> (and why) ? Martin is not at ease with Git (which is not a problem),
> and it seems only him and you understand how the reasons of the changes
> in his patch. At least it's totally unclear to me why there's a new
> install target for arm64 and why there's a special "make" invocation
> there.

Let me explain the change.
may see the default 'install' phase.
the default environment.
They are used by every job from the matrix (
But each job can override the default environment and any of the phases
(before_install, install, after_install, script).
For the ARM64 build I overwrote the 'install' phase by copying the default
one and removing the execution of the build_ssl() function (the one that
builds OpenSSL from source) and I also overwrote the environment to update
the values of SSL_INC and SSL_LIB variables.
'openssl' and 'libssl-dev' packages are already installed in the Ubuntu
image used by TravisCI so there is nothing to install manually.. I've added
a comment (
to remind us how it works.

> Feel free to add your "purge cache" change as an extra patch if needed.
> But in any case, please make sure it's still possible to follow the
> impact of each change, because we've touched many things blindly for
> a while on this arm64 issue and most of the changes were basically
> "let's see if this helps", which is a real mess :-/
> Thanks!
> Willy

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