> also, I'd suggest to purge travis-ci cache (if you are build in your own
> fork).
> some travis related issue might be related when something is took from
> cache (which was not supposed to happen)

Could you please handle Martin's patch, possibly cut it into several
pieces if relevant and add a commit message indicating what it does
(and why) ? Martin is not at ease with Git (which is not a problem),
and it seems only him and you understand how the reasons of the changes
in his patch. At least it's totally unclear to me why there's a new
install target for arm64 and why there's a special "make" invocation

Feel free to add your "purge cache" change as an extra patch if needed.
But in any case, please make sure it's still possible to follow the
impact of each change, because we've touched many things blindly for
a while on this arm64 issue and most of the changes were basically
"let's see if this helps", which is a real mess :-/


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