HAProxy 2.6-dev12 was released on 2022/05/27. It added 149 new commits
after version 2.6-dev11.

Yeah I know, I said we'll only issue -dev12 if we face some trouble. But
stay cool, we didn't face any trouble. However we figured that it would
help last-minute testers to have a final tagged version.

The vast majority of patches are tagged CLEANUP and MINOR. That's great.

One old github issue was finally addressed, regarding the HTTP version
validation. In the past we used to accept any 4-letter protocol using
letters H,P,R,S,T, which allowed us to match both HTTP and RTSP. But it
was reported to cause trouble because it was neither possible to disable
RTSP support not extend this to other protocols. The problem with having
RTSP enabled by default is that if haproxy forwards it to a backend server
that doesn't know it, the server may respond with an HTTP/0.9 error that
will be blocked by haproxy which then returns a 502 error. That's no big
deal until you're watching your load balancer's logs and counters.

So now by default only HTTP is accepted, and this can be relaxed by
adding "accept-invalid-http-request". To be honest, I really doubt that
there are that many people using RTSP, given that we never ever get any
single problem report about it, so I think it will not be a big deal to
add this option in such cases so that all other users gain in serenity.
This will likely be backported but if so, very slowly as this will be a
behavior change, albeit a very small one.

Some polishing was done on QUIC, to improve the behavior on closing
connections and stopping the process, and error processing in general.
The maintainability was also improved by refactoring certain areas.
Ah, crap, I just noticed that we missed a few patches from Fred who
added some doc and a few settings!

The conn_streams that were holding up the release are now gone. It took
two of us two full days of code analysis and head scratching to figure
the role of certain antique flags and give them a more appropriate name,
but that was really necessary. I must admit I really like the new model
in 2.6, it's much more consistent and logical than 2.5 and older. It's
visible in that it's easier to document and explain. And even during the
changes it was easier to figure the field names for parts that had to be
changed manually.

There are a bit more patches than I initially expected because this time
I refused to leave poorly named function arguments and local variables:
we've suffered from this for many years where process_stream() used to
have a "struct stream *sess" and the session was "sess->sess". I didn't
want to experience this anymore, we need the code to be more intuitive
and readable especially for new contributors, and given the large amount
of changes since 2.5 that will complicate backports anyway, it was the
perfect opportunity to pursue that quest. While these changes represent
many patches, they're essentially renames. There's always the tiny risk
of an undetected mistake but all of them are trivial, were reviewed
multiple times, built and individually tested so I'm not worried (famous
last words :-)).

Some of us will continue testing over the week-end (it's already deployed
on haproxy.org). I think we'll add a few bits of doc, Fred's patches that
we missed, maybe a fix or two for last minute issues, and I expect to
release on Tuesday (because Mondays are usually too short).

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Complete changelog :
Amaury Denoyelle (26):
      BUG/MEDIUM: mux-quic: adjust buggy proxy closing support
      Revert "MINOR: quic: activate QUIC traces at compilation"
      Revert "MINOR: mux-quic: activate qmux traces on stdout via macro"
      MINOR: h3: mark ncbuf as const on h3_b_dup
      MINOR: mux-quic: do not alloc quic_stream_desc for uni remote stream
      MINOR: mux-quic: delay cs_endpoint allocation
      MINOR: mux-quic: add traces in qc_recv()
      MINOR: mux-quic: adjust return value of decode_qcs
      CLEANUP: h3: rename struct h3 -> h3c
      CLEANUP: h3: rename uni stream type constants
      BUG/MINOR: h3: prevent overflow when parsing SETTINGS
      MINOR: h3: refactor h3_control_send()
      MINOR: quic: support CONNECTION_CLOSE_APP emission
      MINOR: mux-quic: disable read on CONNECTION_CLOSE emission
      MINOR: h3: reject too big frames
      MINOR: mux-quic: emit STREAM_STATE_ERROR in qcc_recv
      BUG/MINOR: mux-quic: refactor uni streams TX/send H3 SETTINGS
      MINOR: h3/qpack: use qcs as type in decode callbacks
      MINOR: h3: define stream type
      MINOR: h3: refactor uni streams initialization
      MINOR: h3: check if frame is valid for stream type
      MINOR: h3: define non-h3 generic parsing function
      MEDIUM: quic: refactor uni streams RX
      CLEANUP: h3: remove h3 uni tasklet
      MINOR: h3: abort read on unknown uni stream
      MINOR: h3: refactor SETTINGS parsing/error reporting

Christopher Faulet (3):
      BUG/MEDIUM: resolvers: Don't defer resolutions release in deinit function
      BUG/MINOR: task: Don't defer tasks release when HAProxy is stopping
      Revert "BUG/MINOR: task: Don't defer tasks release when HAProxy is 

Emeric Brun (2):
      BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix segfault using multiple bind on peers sections
      BUG/MEDIUM: peers: prevent unitialized multiple listeners on peers section

Thayne McCombs (1):
      BUG/MEDIUM: sample: Fix adjusting size in word converter

Tim Duesterhus (5):
      CLEANUP: tools: Clean up non-QUIC error message handling in str2sa_range()
      BUG/MEDIUM: tools: Fix `inet_ntop` usage in sa2str
      CLEANUP: tools: Crash if inet_ntop fails due to ENOSPC in sa2str
      BUG/MEDIUM: http: Properly reject non-HTTP/1.x protocols
      REGTESTS: Do not use REQUIRE_VERSION for HAProxy 2.5+ (2)

William Lallemand (2):
      DOC: configuration: add a warning for @system-ca on bind
      BUG/MINOR: ssl/lua: use correctly cert_ext in CertCache.set()

Willy Tarreau (110):
      CLEANUP: init: address a coverity warning about possible multiply overflow
      MEDIUM: h1: enlarge the scope of accepted version chars with 
      CLEANUP: init: address another coverity warning about a possible multiply 
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: remove unneeded exclusion of RX_WAIT_EP from 
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: rename the cs_endpoint's context to "conn"
      MINOR: conn_stream: add new sets of functions to set/get endpoint flags
      DEV: coccinelle: add cs_endp_flags.cocci
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: apply cs_endp_flags.cocci tree-wide
      DEV: coccinelle: add endp_flags.cocci
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: apply endp_flags.cocci tree-wide
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: rename the stream endpoint flags CS_EP_* to  SE_FL_*
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: rename the cs_endpoint's target to "se"
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: rename cs_endpoint to sedesc (stream endpoint 
      CLEANUP: applet: rename the sedesc pointer from "endp" to "sedesc"
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: rename the conn_stream's endp to sedesc
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: rename cs_app_* to sc_app_*
      CLEANUP: conn_stream: tree-wide rename to stconn (stream connector)
      CLEANUP: mux-h1: add and use h1s_sc() to retrieve the stream connector
      CLEANUP: mux-h2: add and use h2s_sc() to retrieve the stream connector
      CLEANUP: mux-fcgi: add and use fcgi_strm_sc() to retrieve the stream 
      CLEANUP: mux-pt: add and use pt_sc() to retrieve the stream connector
      CLEANUP: stdesc: rename the stream connector ->cs field to ->sc
      CLEANUP: stream: rename "csf" and "csb" to "scf" and "scb"
      CLEANUP: stconn: tree-wide rename stream connector flags CS_FL_* to 
      CLEANUP: stconn: tree-wide rename stconn states CS_ST/SB_* to SC_ST/SB_*
      MINOR: check: export wake_srv_chk()
      MINOR: conn_stream: test the various ops functions before calling them
      MEDIUM: stconn: merge the app_ops and the data_cb fields
      MINOR: applet: add new wrappers to put chk/blk/str/chr to channel from 
      CLEANUP: applet: use applet_put*() everywhere possible
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_{i,o}{b,c} to sc_{i,o}{b,c}
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_{check,strm,strm_task} to sc_strm_*
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_conn() to sc_conn()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_mux() to sc_mux_strm()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_conn_mux() to sc_mux_ops()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_appctx() to sc_appctx()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename __cs_endp_target() to __sc_endp()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_get_data_name() to sc_get_data_name()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_conn_*() to sc_conn_*()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_conn_get_first() to conn_get_first_sc()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_ep_set_error() to se_fl_set_error()
      CLEANUP: stconn: make a few functions take a const argument
      CLEANUP: stconn: use a single function to know if SC may send to SE
      MINOR: stconn: consider CF_SHUTW for sc_is_send_allowed()
      MINOR: stconn: remove calls to cs_done_get()
      MEDIUM: stconn: always rely on CF_SHUTR in addition to cs_rx_blocked()
      MEDIUM: stconn: remove SE_FL_RXBLK_SHUT
      MEDIUM: stconn: take SE_FL_APPLET_NEED_CONN out of the RXBLK_ANY flags
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_rx_room_{blk,rdy} to sc_{need,have}_room()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_rx_chan_{blk,rdy} to sc_{wont,will}_read()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_rx_buff_{blk,rdy} to sc_{need,have}_buff()
      MINOR: stconn: start to rename cs_rx_endp_{more,done}() to 
      MINOR: stconn: add sc_is_recv_allowed() to check for ability to receive
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename SE_FL_RX_WAIT_EP to SE_FL_HAVE_NO_DATA
      MEDIUM: stconn: move the RXBLK flags to the stream connector
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename SE_FL_WANT_GET to SE_FL_WILL_CONSUME
      CLEANUP: stconn: remove cs_tx_blocked() and cs_tx_endp_ready()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_{want,stop}_get() to se_{will,wont}_consume()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_cant_get() to se_need_more_data()
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_{new,create,free,destroy}_* to sc_*
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename remaining management functions from cs_* to sc_*
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs{,_get}_{src,dst} to sc_*
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename cs_{shut,chk}* to sc_*
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename final state manipulation functions from cs_* to 
      CLEANUP: quic: drop the name "conn_stream" from the pool variable names
      REORG: rename cs_utils.h to sc_strm.h
      REORG: stconn: rename conn_stream.{c,h} to stconn.{c,h}
      CLEANUP: muxes: rename "get_first_cs" to "get_first_sc"
      DEV: flags: use "sc" for stream conns instead of "cs"
      CLEANUP: check: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: connection: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: quic/h3: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: stream: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: promex: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: stats: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: cli: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: applet: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: cache: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: dns: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: spoe: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: hlua: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: log-forward: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: http-client: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: mux-fcgi: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: mux-h1: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: mux-h2: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: mux-pt: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: peers: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: sink: rename all occurrences of stconn "cs" to "sc"
      CLEANUP: sslsock: remove only occurrence of local variable "cs"
      CLEANUP: applet: rename appctx_cs() to appctx_sc()
      CLEANUP: stream: rename stream_upgrade_from_cs() to 
      CLEANUP: obj_type: rename OBJ_TYPE_CS to OBJ_TYPE_SC
      CLEANUP: stconn: replace a few remaining occurrences of CS in comments or 
      DOC: internal: update the muxes doc to mention the stconn
      CLEANUP: mux-quic: rename the "endp" field to "sd"
      CLEANUP: mux-h1: rename the "endp" field to "sd"
      CLEANUP: mux-h2: rename the "endp" field to "sd"
      CLEANUP: mux-fcgi: rename the "endp" field to "sd"
      CLEANUP: mux-pt: rename the "endp" field to "sd"
      CLEANUP: stconn: rename a few "endp" arguments and variables to "sd"
      CLEANUP: stream: remove unneeded test on appctx during initialization
      CLEANUP: stconn: remove the new unneeded SE_FL_APP_MASK
      DEV: flags: fix "siet" shortcut name
      DEV: flags: rename the "endp" shortcut to "sd" for "stream descriptor"
      DEV: flags: reorder a few SC/SE flags
      DOC: internal: add a description of the stream connectors and descriptors


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