francesco perillo wrote:
> Not only this little samples (I already wrote last week that little
> "dedicated" samples are better that a monolithic source full of
> everything...

Probbaly some others should jump into this stream...

> But I also ask for Qt/harbour integration, or how to map harbour
> object on Qt widgets and viceversa...
> so, demoxpb shows that Qt is usable, hbide shows that hbqt/hbxpb are
> really usable and can create a nice looking, feature full application.
> But none give an idea of a migration path from harbour... I already
> cited PICTURE and I now add TBrowse... Qt has a really nice Table
> implementation, really powerful and customizable (using styles, using
> views, you can write in cells directly..) but this means completely
> dropping old code...

You do not have to.

Probably you missed some of the earlier commits.
Here is the reminder:

1. Open console from where you compile hbQT
2. Goto harbour/contrib/hbqt/gtqtc
3. Issue > make install
4. If library is built, then, go to further deep in /tests
5. Issue > hbmk2.exe demoqtc , and if .exe is generated
6. Run > demoqtc
7. Play with options and inspect the demoqtc.prg, it is pure Clipper code.

Though there are few glitches and still is not production level ready,
but amply demonstrate the potentials. I did not work on remaining 
glitches as, at that point of time, I was not familiar with Qt inside-out.
Now I am more equipped. If there is ample interest, and shown on this also,
then I can look into GTQTC again.

> Then I would like to view a "commercial-grade" dbf-based form of
> something... it can be a stupid recipe bookkeeper to a stupid
> agenda...
> And, finally, a bit of docs... best practices... for example in C++
> world, I saw samples where form code was contained in a class...
> ..or a little doc stating how hbqt is glued with Qt....

Soon, you will find, at least starting with, documentation.
Wait a few days more.

                 enjoy hbIDEing...
                    Pritpal Bedi 
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